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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dwarf Hairgrass (Eleocharis Parvula) Window Box

This is the HG in the window seal..
the first pic is day 1 and the second pic is day 4

Day 1

Day 4.
Im noticing roots and more blades already!!

14 Days into Dry Start with Fissiden Fontanus Moss

This is the 3rd Saturday, the 14 day and start of the 3rd week of the DSM with Fissidens Fontanus attached to driftwood, I employed 4 methods of attachment in the various pieces of driftwood.

#1 Glued the Fissidens directly to the wood with tiny drops of superglue gel
#2 Tied the Fissidens to some pieces with sewing thread
#3 Simply laid some fronds onto some pieces of wood
#4 I used the blended up fissidens and rubs it onto other pieces of wood

So far all methods appear to be doing pretty well, Today i can actually see small growth in spots with bright tips. The blended pieces seem to stick very well when allowed to dry slightly. No doubt that i could have flooded the tank in 7 days without floating pieces.

Tied down
 Glued and Blended
 Laid down