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Friday, September 28, 2012

Shrimp and plants arrived fro AzAquatics

OK today i got the order placed with Az aquatics

The list was
10 Olive Nerite snails
10 Black Forest Shrimp
7 Hydroctolyle Tripartita (the small version)
1 Pennywort Hydroctyle Verticillata

PROBLEM!! they only sent 7 shrimp and 3 were DOA!!
Thee was NO Hyrocotyle Tripartita!!
Instead they sent 8 1 Pennywort Hydroctyle Verticillata!!
So i Acclimated the few shrimp that survived and called them asap

Peter at Az was cool but at first he tried to explain away the pennywort issue as if they were the same plant, but he finally caved and agreed to sent me the true Dwarf Hyrocotyle Tripartita, and replace the 10 shrimp lost.

I will add that those shipping days were HOT 100 degress and all ice packs were warm on arrival.
Until Next Week when the new order arrives.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emmersed Setup

Ok another side project to keep some plants that i may or may not use during initial 60P setup. I am also working on a Nano tank that may be up in a few weeks so i needed somewhere to put the plant orders that have arrived other than my holding tank. Basically a spare parts setup to propagate plants.

So this is my Build
Tube = $11.00 Walmart
Shoe boxes = $.99 Walmart
60w Cabinate Flourescent (Using 15watts) = $8.00 Walmart
Peat = Free from extra garden supplies

Total Cost $20.00

Plants so far
Fissidens Fontanus Fissidens fontanus

X mas Moss Vesicularia dubyana 'Christmas'
Vesicularia dubyana 'Christmas' moss image

Dwarf Micro Sword Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
Image of Lilaeopsis brasiliensis - buy Nature Aquarium Plants online

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Going Dry Start with Fissidens

The Fissidens seemed to do ok during the heat wave being placed at the very bottom.

Anyway with the time on my hands i decided to start the DSM method to get the Fissidens to attach to the driftwood.

Soo here we go, cant see the Fissidens on this pic due to moister

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Otto Cats with Acclimator Box

Ok, I got side tracked after going on vacation and finally completing my layout. I wanted to wait until this HEAT WAVE cooled off before adding any livestock to my Holding Tank.

Today I picked up some Ottos for .75cent each from PetSmart.. A steal of a deal!!
Oh i also got a cool acclimation / breeder for $14.00.. I always wanted something like this, its perfect and works very well.