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Friday, September 28, 2012

Shrimp and plants arrived fro AzAquatics

OK today i got the order placed with Az aquatics

The list was
10 Olive Nerite snails
10 Black Forest Shrimp
7 Hydroctolyle Tripartita (the small version)
1 Pennywort Hydroctyle Verticillata

PROBLEM!! they only sent 7 shrimp and 3 were DOA!!
Thee was NO Hyrocotyle Tripartita!!
Instead they sent 8 1 Pennywort Hydroctyle Verticillata!!
So i Acclimated the few shrimp that survived and called them asap

Peter at Az was cool but at first he tried to explain away the pennywort issue as if they were the same plant, but he finally caved and agreed to sent me the true Dwarf Hyrocotyle Tripartita, and replace the 10 shrimp lost.

I will add that those shipping days were HOT 100 degress and all ice packs were warm on arrival.
Until Next Week when the new order arrives.

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