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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finally Completed the Mounting setup for the Aqua Illumination

Check the Video for setting up the Grip Lock Hanging kit without the Y Cable look. Took some brainstorming but ultimately the guy at True Value Harware had the solution for using a Thread Tap ... Brilliant!!!!!

The Final Product

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ADA Clear Stand In Progress

Got Pix for the ADA Glass Stand knockoff from John at AZ acrylics, looks good so far should be done  early June... CANT WAIT!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

NO Ammonia No Nitrates Yet

Tested the water today and no sign of ammonia spike.. Wonder if the special blend had an slowing effect or that my bin had alote of bacteria keeping ammonia down???? Or maybe my test kit is too old also, i've had it for over a year too??
Also Been Running Light Continuously
Running air stone and Rough inlet splash for surface agitation..

Saturday, May 19, 2012

60P Has Arrived!!

The ADA 60P has arrived finally.. Looks too cool but i still have a while before i can set it all up. The Stand is still in limbo and my Filter is still cycling so ill focus on the light Mounting and wall measurementss for now.... <*))xx^xx><

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inline Heater Purchased

Today i picked up an inline Heater to help with speeding up the cycle as well as for use on the aquarium to maintian a steady temp without the ugly heater in the tank. The Price was originally 59.99. I was able to price match this heater with an ebay company and walked away with it for $39.99..
<*((((((><   Great Deal!!! I love Marine Depot.

They Sold out of the 16mm 5/8 fitting so i went with the 1/2 inch 200 Watt and simply dipped my 12mm Hose in hot water and worked it around the Heater ends with No problem... The Heater appears to be working perfect..

I also did a 80% Water Change to help dilute the still black water, but as soon as i refill the bin the water was black again???

Monday, May 14, 2012

Started the Cycling Process in 5 Gallon Bin Today.

  • Added Pumic to the Biological Media that came with the Eheim 2215.
  • I removed the carbon and Filter Floss so as to get only biological filtration.
  • Using Old Amazonia as the substrate and Old Moss and ferns that was kept alive in the same bin for the move to this house. there should have been alote of ammonia as some snails died in there with only 1" of water or so.
  • Added Special Blend


In my attempt to cycle the filter I added the special blend bacteria for starting the cycle, In doing this i noticed that the product was expired by over a year, so I dumped the remains of the bottle in figuring any bacteria that may have existed could maybe be cultured,  just a wild guess, cuz im not sure bacteria of this kind be cultured!@#LOL

Anyway No stink at all, as is the drawback and very distinct aspect of adding special blend, so i figured it was pretty much useless. However this turned my water black.. to the point that no light could penetrate past the very top!!

I added the Pumice to the filer and removed the carbon and floss and let it run..

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Manzanita Driftwood is on Deck!! Time to Waterlog

Ordered Driftwood Yestarday From Manzinita Burlworks and got it Today without FexEx, Rich was great he took a pic of unique stump that i had to have. He also thru in extra sticka for free with Perfect Design shapes and character. This was the perfect buying experience. When ever I need driftwood this is my first options. Manzanita Burlworks - Aquarium Wood

These are my Pieces, I Began Waterlogging Immediately in the 5 gallon Bin

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Aqua Forest Gear Arrived Today

Today i Got the Box of all boxes. the ADA Gear with an extra T-shirt thrown in for my purchase.
I dealt with George from the San fransisco store.  He matched the prices from the texas store but the Taxes and shipping still hurt a bit.

Unboxing <'(((((><

The Goods list

And there is More to Come.......

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Aqua Illumination Sol Whites are Here!!

Aqua Illumination Sol White LED has Arrived!! Now time to figure out how to mount it without the ugly Y cable Look..
Oh Yeah i Got the Controller to go with it!!   <((((<
AI Sol

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ehiem 2215 Filter Packadge at the Door!!

Today i got that knock on the door.. and BAM!! The eheim 2215 is on deck. Only took 2 days to get here with Free shipping from Fosters and Smith. Now time to organize my media plan.

I think im going with Pumic added to the filter for more Biological Bacteria surface area and Carbon as the only other Media. ie. Option #2 Below.