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Monday, May 14, 2012

Started the Cycling Process in 5 Gallon Bin Today.

  • Added Pumic to the Biological Media that came with the Eheim 2215.
  • I removed the carbon and Filter Floss so as to get only biological filtration.
  • Using Old Amazonia as the substrate and Old Moss and ferns that was kept alive in the same bin for the move to this house. there should have been alote of ammonia as some snails died in there with only 1" of water or so.
  • Added Special Blend


In my attempt to cycle the filter I added the special blend bacteria for starting the cycle, In doing this i noticed that the product was expired by over a year, so I dumped the remains of the bottle in figuring any bacteria that may have existed could maybe be cultured,  just a wild guess, cuz im not sure bacteria of this kind be cultured!@#LOL

Anyway No stink at all, as is the drawback and very distinct aspect of adding special blend, so i figured it was pretty much useless. However this turned my water black.. to the point that no light could penetrate past the very top!!

I added the Pumice to the filer and removed the carbon and floss and let it run..

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