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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inline Heater Purchased

Today i picked up an inline Heater to help with speeding up the cycle as well as for use on the aquarium to maintian a steady temp without the ugly heater in the tank. The Price was originally 59.99. I was able to price match this heater with an ebay company and walked away with it for $39.99..
<*((((((><   Great Deal!!! I love Marine Depot.

They Sold out of the 16mm 5/8 fitting so i went with the 1/2 inch 200 Watt and simply dipped my 12mm Hose in hot water and worked it around the Heater ends with No problem... The Heater appears to be working perfect..

I also did a 80% Water Change to help dilute the still black water, but as soon as i refill the bin the water was black again???

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