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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cycling Still 0 Ammonia & Nitrates??

Ok Monday marked the 4th week of the cycle process, after adding the remaining bottle of Special Blend to start the cycle and the water has finally cleared up (to the point where light now penetrates to the bottom), this took about 2 days to clear. However im still not getting any Ammonia or Nitrate readings.
Since starting the cycle I have never seen any ammonia spike of Nitrate spike, so im wondering whats happening.??

Recent Events

  • This week i saw copepods in the tested tube when checking for nitrates.
  • The fungus has grown on the driftwood and seems to be retreating slightly.
  • Yesterday i added a dead fish from the Kahoots pet shop in an attempt to get an ammonia spike. (the fish all looked healthy but one died)
  • Today I Tested for nitrated today had 0 (did not test for ammonia)
  • Today I removed the dead fish (it was roughly 24 hrs) from prior days introduction.
  • Tonight I Noticed PH was at 9.0)??!!!!!
  • Tonight I added 3 hand fulls of Aqua Soil again hoping for an ammonia reading and feed the bacteria as well as help to lower the PH.

This all Probably Dont matter as im adding Bacter 100 and NEW Aqua Soil to the tank upon starting.....

Also still a while before my stand is delivered so no real rush, but i wanna see something to confirm my filter is loading up with bacteria... <*((++++><

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