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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ok Tonight i notice a huge boom in what appears to be Planeria or Hydro worms etc.. Ugly Parasites!!!
This came after I over feed the tank last night during the end of the 4th week(2 days before week 5)
This was an indication of overfeeding and poor water quality as could be expected with overfeeding.
The old Amazonia bin had some dead plants and a dead snail in it when i began, but the dead fish that i added earlier this week may have contributed as well. (BAD IDEA!!)

What did i do??
  • Filtered the water into clean bucket, the dumped out all the substrate (Old Amazonia and a little new Amazonia) and removed all the Driftwood.
  • I cleaned the Cycle Bin thoroughly to remove old debris and waste that was stuck to the bottom and sides.
  • Placed All the Driftwood into the Garage Sink filled with HOT Tap water to kill any other potential parasites allowing it to soak overnight.
  • Brushed the driftwood to remove the scum.
  • Tossed out ALL the old moss that i intended to keep but it lost its color with all the sut. I tried to rinse it to see if it was green underneath but it was dark brown. Not worth saving!.
  • Filled a clean bucket of Tap and placed an air stone in it with tap conditioner to season the water.
  • Tommarrow I will add the clean water to the bin (Water Change) about 1/3. 
  • Them I'll Place the cleaned Driftwood back into the bin and began very light feedings over the next few days.
  • May Add a small amount of Amazonia.
I dont believe tonights action could have done much damage to the bacteria population as im using most of the same water and the pumice filter is the main source of bacteria.
As noted a few days back my nitrates appeared to rise a bit but then seems to fall again prior to this, so the question is whether or not my readings where off due to Old Testing kits or my cycle was just fluctuating.

With planeria and Algae showing up i would think my nitrates would be very high so im thinking that the test kit may be off... We'll see next week when i pick up some test strips.

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